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transvision pc Comprehensive Eye Exam:

Check for visual acuity

Depth perception

Color vision

Refraction to determine your RX for glasses or contact lens

Detect eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye Disease and Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Detect eye conditions such as Cataracts, Dry Eye Syndrome and Computer Vision Syndrome.

transvision PC Contact Lens Fitting for:

Daily Disposable - replace lens 1 a day

Disposable (Remove Each Night) - replace every 2 weeks

Disposable (Overnight Wear) - replace every 1 week

Disposable (Continuous 30 –Day Wear) - replace every 1 month

Frequent Replacement – replace every 3 months

Conventional- replace every 1 year

Rigid Gas-Permeable (RGP) – are made of slightly flexible plastics that offer sharp vision and correct most vision problems. They are more durable than soft contact lenses and can be easier to handle and care for but require a longer adaptation period and consistent wear to maintain adaptation.

Multifocal Lenses - in both soft and RGP designs and offer patients both distance and near vision correction just like a pair of bifocal glasses.

Color Contact Lenses - enhance your eye color or even change it completely. Colored contact lenses are fun, exciting, and come in a variety of colors for both light and dark eyes.

Transvision PC technicians

transvision PC Digital Retinal Photo Exam:

This test should be done every year since the eye's health can change at anytime, often without symptoms. Retinal photography is strongly recommended for patients with a history of diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, high blood pressure, and high prescription. The benefits of Digital Retinal Photo Exam compared to dilation are your vision is unaffected, it provides a permanent documentation of eye diseases and establishes baseline images to compare against future changes and both patient and doctor view images together, providing the best education and disease management.

transvision PC Paragon CRT( Corneal Refractive Therapy):

No glasses, no daytime contacts, no surgery, Paragon CRT corrects your vision while you sleep. A specially designed therapeutic contact lens that gently and temporarily reshapes the cornea while you sleep. FDC approved as both safe and effective for patients of all ages when worn during sleeping hours. For more information please contact our office or click on http://www.paragoncrt.com.

transvision PC LASIK Pre and Post Evaluation:

"Laser–Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis" surgery–abbreviated LASIK— uses a laser beam to physically reshape the cornea. The cornea is the clear, dome shaped cover over the outer part of your eye that helps to focus light and create an image on the retina. The cornea works in much the same way that the lens of a camera helps to focus light and create an image on film. Many people have imperfections in their cornea causing blurred vision that needs correction. Nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatic patients may potentially benefit from LASIK surgery. LASIK has become a popular method of vision correction that is relatively painless and offers good vision almost immediately after surgery.

Pre- Evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery. We then refer you to one of the Ophthalmologist in the surrounding area for the procedure.

Post Evaluation – after the surgery, we monitor your vision and eye health through scheduled interval visit for a twelve month period.

transvision PC Emergency care:

Diagnose and treatment of eye infection, removing ocular foreign bodies and managing minor emergencies.

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